Love for piemonte and the langhe. The deep ties to the people, places, the value of quality, to the protection and development of the territory.

  • The Quagliotti family
    has always had an inspiring and sincere passion for their region and, above all, for the land where everything was born and continues to grow today. Safeguarding the principles of work, merit and respect for people and for the environment.

  • The strong feeling of belonging and sharing is expressed not only in the beauty of the products made in Chieri but also in an active participation in the initiatives, revaluation and optimization of the assets contained in this area rich of history and timeless tradition.

    Territory Langhe vineyards
  • For this reason, from the late 90’s, the company is among the founding members of the “Agenzia di Pollenzo”, a project created by Slow Food. Along with his friend and winemaker Elio Altare, they brought this historic royal residence to its former glory.

    The Savoy residence has been restored and renovated to house the first University in the world dedicated to the studies of Wine and Food Sciences. Included is the Wine Bank and the “Albergo dell’Agenzia”.

    socio fondatore Agenzia di Pollenzo