cucine nervi, quagliotti venaria

July 20, 2021

Cucine Nervi: know-how on the table

The Cucine Nervi restaurant has found a place inside Cantine Nervi, Gattinara in Valsesia. Cucine Nervi is a place of passion, determination and knowledge from the world where the discovery of local products blend with confidence through the skilful transformation of raw materials. It is through the deep knowledge of the territory and, in general, of Italian excellence that the partnership between Cucine Nervi and Quagliotti was born.

cucine nervi quagliotti

Alberto Quadrio, chef of Cucine Nervi and head of a young and dynamic team, has created a modern gastronomic proposal that does not forget the traditions of the territory but strengthens them by combining techniques and knowledge from all over the world. He chose the Made in Italy excellence of Quagliotti to enhance the restaurant tables with napkins in white VENARIA piquet,100% double twisted cotton, including the table made of 48,000-year-old Kauri wood. “