collezioni 3-2014

Quagliotti, as always, is a well made artisan product.  The spirit of tailored couture, high quality and attention to detail live in the most refined bed linens, the softest terry towel and the most elegant tablecloths, exclusively created with handmade trims and finishings.

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Textile weavers specializing in linens for the home and prestigious hotels, with particular attention to materials of the highest quality.  Research in designs, colors and finishings make it a company proud of its Italian product.

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Three generations of weavers, their experience and passion, united with expert research in style and attention to detail. They have created, over time, “beautiful fabrics” recognized and requested by loyal and demanding customers.

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Who selected Quagliotti

It is no coincidence that the most exclusive shops, restaurants, the most luxurious hotels in the world and even royal palaces are a part of a loyal clientel that cannot do without the taste and elegance of Quagliotti.

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News + Press Review

Quagliotti promotes its style and collections at international exhibitions and is visible in prestigious national and international magazines.

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The Quagliotti collection, synonymous with elegance, quality and Italian tradition, is exported in Europe and around the world.

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